Champion your cause with proven candidate recruitment. Candidate Pathways helps you build, track, and develop a pipeline of candidates to run for office.

a systematic approach

Nationwide there are 519,682 elected offices. Finding candidates to fill those positions is always a challenge. With term limits and the desire to find candidates that represent their communities the best, the need is greater than ever to have a systematic approach to candidate recruitment and development.





People get elected every year

Candidate Pathways can help you build your bench to win. Our solution is perfect for:

  • Community leaders who want to be a catalyst for change in their community
  • Local groups, PACs and organizations who want to establish a comprehensive program of candidate recruitment aligned with their priorities
  • State or County level recruitment efforts who want to organize, plan and develop a long term pipeline of candidates across a state or county.


Very few baseball players debut in the major leagues.  Instead, they are discovered by scouts in high school, college or minor leagues then coached by specific skill based coaches.  They become part of a system dedicated to developing their talents and skills to become high impact players in the major leagues.  

Imagine if we applied that same type of scouting and training to prospective candidates for office and did it year round instead of just a few months before the filing deadline?

In any profession, skills are built by training, repetition and practice. Successful candidates are not made in a weekend campaign school.  Good candidates (like good baseball players) are developed, trained and mentored.  

Imagine a platform where candidates can learn campaign skills through an online forum at their own pace then put those skills into practice with a series of actions designed to develop their expertise and build their confidence.  Plus, they’d have coaching from subject matter experts available to them along the way.


Candidate Pathways is more than a technology, it is a system that empowers candidate recruitment organizations to build, develop, and track a bench of candidates to run for office – from school board to Congress. 

Candidate Pathways is built on the principle that what gets measured gets done and that candidate recruitment is about building a team with a culture of collaboration and mentoring.

Here’s what the platform will help you do:

Engage “scouts” people who are always looking for people to run

Engage “coaches” people with expertise in communication, fundraising, networking who can be great sounding boards for your group of prospective candidates.

Assign “levels” to your prospects, at each level they will have access to out of the box campaign training.

Add your own videos, questionnaires, actions specific to your community and based on the principles that you value.

See how many recruits you have, how they are moving through each level.

Set some goals and reward those who achieve it. 

Our election module allows you to load the offices for which you are seeking candidates and identify who in your bench is eligible to run. 

Present to donors a roster of qualified candidates based on their accomplishments in your program.