Our Story

Baseball players don’t make it to the major leagues overnight. They are discovered by scouts in the lower leagues, they are coached by specific skill based coaches, they are part of a system that develops them to become high impact players in the major leagues.

What if we shifted our mindset from recruiting people to run for office a few months before filing deadlines to building a bench of prospective candidates?  

Skills are not built by watching videos. Skills are built by doing.  How can we expect people to be ready and confident to run simply after attending a two day campaign school?

What if people who want to be catalysts for change in their community had a way to track the development of their bench of candidates?  What if prospective candidates had a access to training, coaching to develop their campaigning skills and their network so they become ready to run?

Baseball teams have over 200 players in their system across all the leagues. Each team has over 30 coaches and they have about 20 scouts who identify talent. 

What if we took a page for the sports playbook and to identify and develop high impact candidates?

What if you were the champion who built a bench in your community?